The Nation of Southern Finland (Eteläsuomalainen osakunta) is one of 15 student nations in Helsinki University. Traditionally the student nations each took members only from a certain part of Finland, but these days they’re more relaxed, and international students are free to choose which one they like. Our home province is Uusimaa, the area immediately surrounding Helsinki.

Above all, Eteläsuomalainen osakunta is a nonpolitical student organisation that gathers together students from all academic fields, to have fun with a wide range of events. Our activities range from traditional academic dinner parties to excursions and scientific evenings. We also have biweekly coffee evenings on Mondays and Thursdays at 19, were you can come meet other people in the nation and just hang around in a relaxed atmosphere.

We would be happy to see more international students join ESO, get to know Finnish students and experience what student life in Finland is like outside of lectures and coursework. ESO’s membership fee is 12 euros per year, which will give you a great return on investment by just only attending our weekly coffee evenings. You may pay it together with HYY’s membership fee or directly to ESO by cash or card. In order to register yourself as member, or to get more information about our organization, you can visit ESO during our office hours on Mondays and Thursdays 17-19 during the academic term.